How Much Is A Private Jet

Over the last 25 years you had always dreamt of having your own private jet plane, which would whisk you away to your various business meetings held in different parts of the world. This is a gift that you wanted to gift yourself, for all the hard work that you had taken in the last few years. But this investment you know being a shrewd business person would not help you save long hours that you spend in the airport waiting to catch the next flight but also be very economical for your company in the long run. But before you ask the proverbial question How Much Is A Private Jet have you analyzed a few factors that are very important. Below we have tried to analyze a few considerations which you should keep in mind before investing in a private jet of your own.

How often do you travel?

Being the head of a large business, you travel considerably. This is one of the main reasons why you want to buy in a private jet of your own. When you have access to your own private jet you can plan your business meetings across the world as per your personal and client needs. You also would not need to wait in the airport and waste your valuable time. But here are words of caution, the expenses of maintaining a private jet and crew is considerable. Therefore consult your financial expert and make a realistic comparison on the actual cost of maintaining your private jet or maintain the old travel life that you have done for so many years. The cost of travelling should not eat into your company savings.

How Much Is A Private JetWhat is the private jet model you prefer?

When considering How Much Is A Private Jet budget plays an important role. If you have a tight budget, you can settle for a used jet which would cost your pocket around a million dollar. But if you have the mullah and want to buy an exorbitant airplane, you can choose between a Cessna and a Boeing. If the private jet is a 32 sitter, you might have to shell out forty millions and an additional few millions if you want to customize it as per your personal tastes.   You can always consult an expert who would guide you regarding the model of the private plane that would be suitable for your requirement.

Would you invest in a new plane or use a used private jet?

Many businessmen start owning a used jet for some years before investing in a new jet. The logic behind this is that by using a private owned jet that has been used earlier, you save tons of money. The jet is in running condition with a crew which needs to be fine tuned as per your travel requirements. Thus you save a large amount in your overhead cost expenditure. But before choosing a used private jet, it becomes essential that you get the private jet assessed by an expert, so that your investment hold’s weight. A new jet would involve great investment from your end and you can undertake it if you can afford it.

What would be the size of your plane?

When you travel in your business trips, how many people travel with you? The answer to this query is essential as you would need to buy a private jet depending on the number of people flying with you. The best decision here is to invest in a medium sized plane that can fly a few thousand miles at one go. If you travel across the world for your client meetings, you would need a heavy duty plane. But if you heavily use domestic area then a heavy duty plane like a Boeing can be avoided.

Get your plane insured and check the papers?

Now that you have decided to own a used private jet, you would need to get a legal expert to check the various papers of the private jet. You would also need to get a travel insurance and this would help you to face any exigency if such conditions occur.

Now that you are more knowledgeable you can speak to a few companies who are in this business and make your dream of owning a private jet come true.